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Tarotwave started as an idea I had in astronomy class. While learning about stars and their life cycle the teacher showed an image of a supernova. I thought "Wow! That would make a cool death tarot card!" and like a good student (sorry professor) I opened up photoshop right there and began working on it. After sharing the concept online and getting amazing reception I decided to keep on making more tarot cards inspired by the first one's design! That lead to where we are now.

March through April 2018 saw a successful Kickstarter campaign that made this deck a reality. Thanks to all of the amazing support and backers the project was over 500% funded. It's thanks to that that I can run this website and continue selling decks through an online store! Thanks to popular demand a second reprinting will be kickstarted starting March 1st 2020. 

Thank you all for any past or future support. It really is thanks to you all that this project was able to become reality!

From, McKenna Calabro 

Tarotwave Creator

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